Sunday, December 21, 2008

At least one right-winger likes me...

This is a surprise. Michael Taube of the National Post has included my little blog in his roundup of the Top 10 Canadian "left-leaning" blogs.

He comments:

4) liberal catnip ( The blogger known as “catnip” writes a fair amount of political commentary on Canada and the U.S. She obviously spends time crafting her left-leaning blog posts, and to her credit, they are often very interesting.

Aww. Thank you. And welcome NP readers.

Congrats to the rest of you "left-leaning", radical, librul commies as well!

I guess this means I should write something "very interesting" again soon. But first, I have shortbread cookies to make - so stay tuned.

Oh - and thanks to penlan for letting me know about this.

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