Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday (Live Updates)

Everything's super in the US of A: Superman, Super Bowl, Superpower, Superstars and, of course, Super Tuesday.

But the thing about Super Tuesday is that the math behind the process is so convoluted, you practically need a PhD to understand it. On top of that, there are Super Delegates whose votes won't come in until that last minute - months from now.

Keith Olbermann explains:

I don't have a dog in this fight. I have no use for the Democratic party and I'm definitely not one of the 15% of Canadians who would rather vote in the US election than our own.

That said, I'll throw out my prediction: Hillary wins the popular vote today while the delegate count is too close to call to make either Hillary or Obama the clear leader.

As for the Repubs, it looks like McCain (back from the dead) has the momentum, much to the chagrin of people like Rush Limbaugh who actually defended Clinton and Obama over McCain today. (Because that's how much he loathes McCain).

And isn't this handy for the Republicans? Be afraid, be very afraid. Pee your pants all the way to the polls: Intelligence Chief Cites Qaeda Threat to U.S.

I'll post results as they come in, because that's the kind of political junkie I am.


Obama wins in Indonesia. Really! Democrats Abroad are hooked up via the intertubes all over the world and the Indonesian results (such as they are) were the first ones to come in after midnite. The Republicans are not counting ex-pat votes in other countries because...well...democracy sucks, apparently. (Update: the Repubs voted the old-fashioned way - absentee ballots. I guess the tubes were just too complicated for them to figure out.)

The Huckster wins West Virginia.

NBC and CNN project that Obama has won Georgia.

8 pm ET and on:

NBC projected winners:


IL - Obama
OK - Clinton
TN - Clinton
AR - Clinton
MA - Clinton
DE - Obama
NJ - Clinton
AL - Obama
NY - Clinton
ND - Obama
UT - Obama
KS - Obama
CT - Obama
MN - Obama
Am Samoa - Clinton
ID - Obama
AZ - Clinton
MO - Obama ("apparent" winner - very close race)
UT - Obama
CO - Obama
CA - Clinton
AK - Obama
NM - too close to call at the time of this writing


IL - McCain
NJ - McCain
MA - The Mittster
CT - McCain
AR - The Huckster
DE - McCain
AL- The Huckster
NY - McCain
UT - The Mittster
GA - The Huckster
OK - McCain
AZ - McCain
ND - The Mittster
TN - The Huckster
MT - The Mittster
CA - McCain
MO - McCain ("apparent" winner)

A wise reminder about exit polls (which these projections are based on).

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