Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mulroney Running Scared: Spector Testifies Today

Despite insisting last week that what Mulroney's chief of staff Norman Spector was prepared to reportedly testify to today is beyond the ethics committee's mandate in the Mulroney/Shreiber investigation, Mulroney's lawyers have launched what the G&M calls a "pre-emptive strike" one hour before Spector is set to appear before the committee this afternoon by providing documents relating to that supposedly irrelevant testimony:

The documents include a statement by Marilyn Burk, former assistant to the Mr. Spector, concerning the removal of confidential files from the prime minister's office, according to a media release.

There are also “various documents relating to the system of expense management at the PMO and OLO” and “to payments for 24 Sussex furnishings.”

Here's what Spector plans to submit to the committee:

Mr. Spector, former chief of staff to Mr. Mulroney in the early 1990s, has said he'll be bringing documented evidence to Parliament Hill of other cash transactions.

“The MPs will be interested no doubt in my good knowledge of the Bear Head project when I was chief of staff to Mr. Mulroney,” Mr. Spector wrote in French last week in Le Devoir newspaper.

“I equally hope to help the committee understand the motivations and the behaviour of my old boss by discussing other cases,” Mr. Spector continued.

“Finally, documents in hand, I believe myself quite capable of helping them identify the source of large quantities of money reported at 24 Sussex while Mr. Mulroney was prime minister of Canada.

Today's hearing starts at 3:30 pm ET. Watch it live on CPAC.



Spector's Jan 28, 2008 letter to Paul Szabo, chair of the ethics committee.

Ex-Mulroney chief of staff to tell MPs about cash

Background: The Fifth Estate's "Brian Mulroney: The Unauthorized Chapter"

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