Monday, February 25, 2008

The Afghanistan War Debate is On

Today in parliament, the debate is on over the Conservatives' motion to extend Canada's mission in Afghanistan until 2011. Since the Liberals are already on board, there won't be any surprises once it comes to the vote. Dion has said he'll whip it. At least the NDP and BQ are set to vote against the continuation of this madness.

You can watch the debate online here or here. (There will be a break for question period).

Peter MacKay finished off his fearmongering remarks today with a plea to think about the children!!. As if on cue, CBC Newsworld showed pictures of them. Quite bizarre.

"How will history judge us if Canada walked away from Afghanistan?", MacKay asked, speaking to his party's motion that actually sets an end date to walk away in 2011. So, just how will history judge you, Mr MacKay? (Conservatives - they just can't see the forest for the trees.)

Alas, it's not like you can expect reasoned debate from a party that's so mired in its own talking points (the same ones it's been using the past 2 years without change).

Anyway, grab your popcorn and watch as the Liberals try to show that they're kind of, sort of against the motion too (without proposing any actual amendments) while the Cons get all defensive and throw bully tantrums.


Flashback: NATO Saved the Lives of 40,000 Afghan Children?

My update on Monday's debate.

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