Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rahim Jaffer: Busted

So, former Con MP and husband of ever-annoying Helena Guergis - Minister of State for the Status of Women (what a joke that is) - Rahim Jaffer has been arrested for drunk driving and cocaine possession.

Don Martin:

He [Jaffer] was a charter member of the Snack Pack, six young Reform MPs with some growing up to do who patronized Ottawa restaurants and bars in the late 1990s, hungering for the day when their party could pry power away from the Liberals.

If the allegations are true, it seems Jaffer's choice of snacks should have been limited to Doritos™.

Once again, we're left asking, 'will the real Rahim Jaffer please stand up?'

Adam Radwanski:

Although evidently prone to spectacularly bad decisions, he always struck me as one of the more human of our parliamentarians. Younger MPs, in particular, tend to be an off-puttingly hyperpartisan and hyperambitious breed (see Poilievre, Pierre). Jaffer always seemed like a fairly normal guy who was a little surprised to be walking the chambers of power. The "would you want to have a beer with this guy" test has become a cliché, and it really shouldn't be the standard when you're choosing someone to run a country, but it's nice to have at least a few of our 308 federal representatives fit the bill. The fact that he was fully prepared to have a beer with people from other parties, not just his own, helped matters considerably.

Umm, Adam. The fact (allegedly) that he was fully prepared to have a beer and drive a car is the issue here.

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