Thursday, February 05, 2009

Good thing the Libs voted for the budget!

Hey, with expert money-managers like these Conservatives, why didn't all of the opposition parties vote with them?

If this little trifecta of news stories doesn't convince you that the Cons are competent to handle our money, I just don't know what possibly could:

Feds can't prove their costly green programs work: commissioner

Auditor General's Delayed Report Shows How Gov't. Is Wasting Your Money

Budget overly optimistic about economy, Page says

And, as if the Libs support of the budget wasn't boneheaded enough for you, check out the latest news:

On Thursday, the Liberals served notice that the further deterioration of the economy has them worried that last month's aid package is insufficient. It was only three days ago they kept alive the minority Conservative government – and its stimulus package – by voting for the 2009 budget over the objections of the NDP and Bloc Québécois.

John McCallum, the Liberal finance critic and a senior member of Leader Michael Ignatieff's policy team, told reporters he's worried Ottawa may need to come up with a second stimulus package before Parliament breaks in June.

He said there's growing evidence the economy is worsening beyond expectations and that the amount of stimulus in the Jan. 27 budget is less than advertised.

Gee, maybe you should have done your damn homework before you let Harper dance on your lap.

What's that? The Liberal party isn't ready for an election? New leader and no cash and all of that? Too bad. These are peoples' lives you're screwing around with while you're playing politics. And if you think the Cons give a flying f*ck about the little report cards you've asked them to submit this year, think about how seriously they might be taking your threats every time you look into parliamentary secretary to the minister of finance Ted What, me worry? Menzies' goofy-looking mug each time he gets up to defend the Cons during question period - because that really is just how much they don't care about what Canada needs to do to get through this depression.

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