Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spare Me the Shiny Objects

Alright. I started writing a post about how the CIA is still up to the same things it's always been, despite this facade of "reform" that the public has been presented but I'm a bit out of practice when it comes to blogging and I was boring myself.

What's really been on my mind, politically speaking, has been the coverage of Obama's Big Adventure in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and wherever else he's taking his rock show on the road. "Perfect", cooed Keith Olbermann about the trip when I caught a quick clip of him last nite. Really?

I found myself agreeing with whatever other talking head it was last nite who said that Obama's trotting around over there as if he's already the president is a bit "presumptuous"? No kidding.

I thought it was supposed to be a "fact-finding" mission. Obviously not. What else can you conclude when he blows off Petraeus in Iraq? He might as well have "I'm the decider" already tattooed on his forehead. No facts to be found there, apparently. Not that I have any great love for Petraeus (and definitely not for that illegal, immoral war) but didn't Obama say he'd consult with and actually listen to the commanders on the ground? Why do I smell shades of dubya here? Not good.

You want more presumptuousness? The fact that he's going to give his speech at the Dem convention - not like the rest of the average schmoes who win the nomination and speak on the convention floor - but in a stadium that holds tens of thousands of people - as if he's the second coming of Martin Luther Ling Jr. Spare me.

And spare me this too. (I'd post the transcript but it isn't up yet.) On Larry King's show tonite, someone dared call Obama "arrogant" to which a black female guest immediately reacted in anger saying (paraphrased) that she's tired of confident black men/people being labeled that way. (Of course, what she really meant was that as far as she was concerned the other person had just called Obama "uppity" because - you know - black people are never arrogant, right? She obviously couldn't miss the chance to turn a perfectly valid criticism about Obama's behaviour into a race issue. I'll tell you what, lady. Check out Condi Rice's history and then get back to me on the subject of those invisible "arrogant" black people.) Sheesh. Tired.of.it. And guess what? I can say that and it's not racist, so get over it.

So riddle me this, Obama supporters: what exactly is new about Obama's policies? Where's the "change"? He wants a surge in Afghanistan (as if he can send in the calvary and "win" that war. Good luck. Ain't gonna happen.) He wants the troops out of Iraq - a longstanding Dem party position. He wants to be Israel's bestest friend. Again, no "change" there. And yet he's running around like the New Superman with clean & improved tights. "New". What's new? Oh. I forgot to mention Africa. Google AFRICOM. He supports it.

Sidebar: speaking of arrogant politicians and Africa, did you know that the price of oil went up a bit last week because, as reported in The Independent:

Gordon Brown is being accused of preparing for a military adventure in Africa after he pledged to provide backing to the Nigerian security forces. His announcement prompted the collapse of a ceasefire in the oil-rich Niger Delta and helped to drive up crude oil prices on world markets.

Name me one world leader (or presumptive US Democratic or Republican presidential nominee) who doesn't support the ever destructive policy of "intervention" - that innocuous word we like to use when we're pretending to help other countries while we actually want to steal their resources and/or change their government. For another example, see: Iran - that "grave threat", as Obama calls it, that's actually...probably...10 years away from making a nuclear weapon according to the NIE. But the US MUST intervene to save the world. Right? Haven't we seen this movie before? And did we like the ending the last time? No. And do we want a sequel? Hell no. Not me, at least.

If I sound cranky about this overblown Obama hype (which seems to be some sort of contagious disease that, despite my defective immune system, I haven't managed to catch), it's because I am.

I haven't been around the blogs and the world o' news lately as much as I usually am. Life's been happening. But I did catch Obamalama supporters like Arianna Huffington lamenting the undeniable fact that Obama is actually a centrist. This was news to her, apparently. Not surprising, I guess, since so many Obama supporters seemed to want to spend more time being dazzled by his image (ooo...he scored a 3-pointer with the US troops in Iraq...he's so dreamy) to really pay attention to his actual proposed policies. That's just wonkish stuff. Besides, as more than one Obamamite recently wrote about his boneheaded FISA vote, once he's president he'll change. And how many failed marriages started with exactly that premise? I rest my case.

I'll tell you what though, Obama supporters: you're going to get exactly what you deserve if he does win. You think he's somehow not beholden to lobbies because he hasn't taken campaign contributions from them? (Well, he did from many of corporate America's "employees", but that doesn't count, right?) Wrong. You have 2 corporation-driven parties in the US: the Republicans and the Democrats. If you seriously think Obama's going to change that, I have a shiny barrel of oil that I just dug up in my back yard to sell you. FISA FISA FISA. Once again, I rest my case. (I have more than a little problem with politicians who sell out civil and human rights. Sue me.)

And take a moment to think about which special interests (hint: the oil companies) are currently benefiting from all of this sabre-rattling against Iran coming from both candidates. Isn't that just a little bit of a problem for us peasants out here? Both: guilty as charged of pointing at scary objects while the rest of us pay for it. "Change"? I don't think so.

In the end, I don't know how Obama can't win though. McCain is about as interesting as the latest image of the Virgin Mary found on a piece of toast. Been there, done that. (Mind you, they do still sell on eBay™. That's why McCain will get votes. Some people like stale novelties.) But, please, in the meantime spare me the Obama as superhero coverage. Really. He's not Superman™ and he's not even Underdog™. He's just another Dem politician and I've had just about enough of those, thank you very much.

You want "change"? Make it happen. The Democrats are not going to do it for you. Exhibit A: the refusal to impeach Bush. That should tell you just about everything you need to know about the Democratic party and its presumptive nominee today. And that's just sad. You want shiny objects? How about handcuffs around Bush's wrists?

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