Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gone Moving (and bananas)

I'm moving this weekend - for the third bloody time in a year. This place was supposed to be long-term but my roommate bought a house. I'm on the years long list for affordable housing in this city (something I'll write more about on a future date) and because of the oil boom, the vacancy rate is somewhere near -50%. (I jest but it might as well be.)

Here's how the arrangements for this move have gone so far:

1. Truck booked with really cheap but good movers I've used twice. Roommate changes her mind (because she does that a lot) and decides to rent one instead.

2. Family (cousins) promise a free semi-truck to use since one of them is working with a cross-country mover right now. Bonus: they were going to move everything on Sunday. Woohoo, right?

3. Rental truck canceled Friday nite.

4. NO woohoo. Cousin leaves a message this evening and says, "Whoops! The truck is too full to move your stuff". (The cousin hadn't informed her until tonite that any other stuff was even supposed to be in that truck and the other cousin is AWOL - no doubt sloshed - somewhere in the big city while the one who called is conveniently sleeping away the evening in his boss's hotel room). Murphy's Law. And, ironically, the cousins are actually named Murphy.

5. Rental truck place is already closed. Can't book another truck til Sunday.

6. Frantic phone calls made to round up friends (who all hate moving as much as I do) tonite. One guy might show up - later.

7. Roomie uses boyfriend's small van and tiny trailer to move stuff with teenager and other roomie and one of the teenager's friends. (The boyfriend is working tonite - lucky him.) Other roomie doesn't care about that pesky little thing called "organization". Prefers "speed" instead. Mass chaos ensues.

8. (Have I mentioned that I had been looking for another place to live because this bunch is nuts? No luck.)

9. Permanently sick, disabled woman (with lupus, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and too much pent up fucking stress) - me - who wasn't supposed to lift a finger in this move other than to pack and who was looking forward to relaxing this evening suddenly has to help move her stuff upstairs to be taken out because, FOR SOME G*D-FORSAKEN REASON, new home-owner roomie is in a frenzy to get as much done as possible tonite.

10. The production turns into a perfect example of organized confusion and, boy, am I going to be hurting for the next week - not to mention being pissed right off too.

11. Moral: (Have I mentioned how stressed I am?) Don't trust cousins named Murphy and when you book movers, stick with them.

12. And, please, if any of you win the lottery, please consider buying me my own place. Please? I don't need much room. Really. Thank you. (Please??)

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