Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just One More Year and Bush Will be Gone

This is the headline in The Independent:

Just one more year! Good riddance to George W Bush

Funny, I don't recall seeing any similar headlines in America's newspapers today. Dog forbid the MSM should lose its access to the White House by making such a declaration - as if those relationships have yielded something more than outright lies the past 7 years as so-called 'reporters' just played stenographers to Bush's White House. Sure, the New York Times and the Washington Post broke some scandals along the way but they became scandalous when they and other corporate media outlets played a part in pimping the propaganda they so willingly published in the run up to the Iraq war - Judith Miller of the NYT being a prime example of why the MSM is no longer trusted. And Michael Gordon, Miller's sidekick during those infamous days (who is also a first class asshole), is now playing the same role when it comes to fearmongering about Iran.

But I digress...

The Independent's Rupert Cornwell, who wrote the pre-emptive obituary on Bush's presidency I noted above, ponders what the next president will have to clean up. Well, not so much 'what' as how they will be able to manage a country, economy, and government that has been torn apart at the seams by Bush and his nasty band of neocons. No small task and no-one is expecting things to change anytime soon (except all of those presidential candidates' supporters out there who so believe in all of this "change" speechifying that they actually think the next president will swoop into office like some kind of nouveau, political Superman™ to save America from itself their first day in office. Please people. Wake up.)

Anyway, those of us who have been alive during Bush's presidency know all too well what lies ahead and the reality is that it's going to take decades, most likely, to repair the political sewage that Bush and his warmongering, capitalist cronies have let fester in DC, America, and around the world. On top of the damage that has already been done, it is highly probable (100% guaranteed) that they're not done yet. They can create a lot of chaos in the time they have left. What do they care? Bush will ride off into the sunset in his truck on his faux Texas ranch (where perhaps he'll be attacked by another insurgent snack food) and Cheney will grab his guns and head out hunting (never to be heard from again - unless he manages to shoot yet another one of his friends in the face).

So, start the countdown. Head out now to buy that champagne (while you still have two nickles to rub together) and begin the celebratory planning because when January 20, 2009 rolls around, more than a few people are going to be partying like it's 1999 (or at least wishing it still was so they could wake up to discover that the Bush years were just one long, excruciating nightmare that never really happened).


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