Friday, January 25, 2008

Afghanistan Detainees: Buckler says she "misspoke"

Sandra Buckler, the PMO spokespuppet, now claims she "misspoke" the other day on the issue of the transfer of Afghanistan detainees. As a Globe & Mail commenter wrote on reading that news:

mispoke (mis spok), vb. 1)the past tense of misspeak; 2) Conservative Idiom, to have lied about something of which their is proof of the contrary. eg. the Conservative gov't. misspoke when it blamed the military for its screw up.

From The G&M article:

OTTAWA — The Harper government's position that it was not aware the military had suspended the transfer of prisoners to Afghan custody fully unravelled Friday as the Prime Minister's communications director retracted comments she had made to that effect, while the Opposition claimed it was briefed on the policy change two weeks ago.

Mr. Harper made no mention of the controversy late Friday in a speech for party supporters to celebrate the Tories' second anniversary in power.

In an e-mail to The Globe and Mail on Thursday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's communications director, Sandra Buckler, said the military did not tell the government about the suspension.

Ms. Buckler called Friday to say she “misspoke” but would not say whether the military had or had not informed the government.

“I should not have said what I said to you, I misspoke, and I wanted to make sure you were aware of that,” she said. “I made a mistake…what I said was wrong.”

In other words, Harper blamed the military and when that didn't fly, he had his spokespuppet come out to claim she was wrong. The most overused phrase in the next few months will be "operational details".

When the house resumes next week, we'll be bombarded with continuing Conservative party spin and lies. I'm not sure if I'll even be able to stand watching them pose during question period. It's been nauseating enough to this point. No matter what they say however, if it can be proven that these bastards lied in the house, there will be absolutely no reason for them not to face a vote of no-confidence. And, even if that can't be proven, how can anyone in their right mind think they should be trusted to keep running our part in the Afghanistan war?

Would you buy a used car from this bunch of liars?

And yet we're talking about peoples' lives being at risk.

If the opposition parties can't break through on this issue, our democracy is nothing but a farce.

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