Wednesday, February 03, 2010

US Boots on the Ground In Pakistan

Obama: March, 2009:

Asked if he meant he would put U.S. troops on the ground in Pakistan, Obama said: "No."
February, 2010: Troop Deaths Draw Focus to U.S. Presence in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The deaths of three American soldiers in a Taliban suicide attack Wednesday lifted the veil on United States military assistance to Pakistan that the authorities here would like to keep quiet and the Americans, as the donors, chafe at not receiving credit for.
They "chafe", do they? And how about Obama? Does he "chafe" too after telling the American people that there wouldn't be any American boots on the ground last year? If he does, it's probably because he's broken yet another very public promise and now has to face the music - along with even more ire from the Pakistani people who overwhelmingly reject a US military presence there.


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