Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Obama Lies; Heads Explode; The Spin Begins

"I didn't campaign on the public option"

Barack Obama, Washington Post interview, Dec 22, 2009
Except that you did, Mr President.

But that won't stop the spinners from excusing that lie in any way possible.

Oh, it wasn't a "major" part of his plan.

Or, that's depends on what your definition of "campaigned on" is.

Okay, maybe it was on his campaign web site but that wasn't his campaign.

It was in the Democratic party platform? Everybody knows that Dem candidates don't campaign on that.

I don't recall him saying that, therefore it never happened.

Okay, maybe he campaigned on a "public plan" but a "plan" is not an "option".

And when the spin just can't be justified, the minimizing begins:

So what? Every president lies.

He didn't "lie". He misspoke.

He's tired. Leave him alone.

It isn't "progressive" to point out that he lied.

Look! Ponies!

And when the minimizing can't be justified, all hell breaks loose:

Hillary is STILL evil!

Why do you hate America?

Admit it, you luv Sarah Palin.


That's racist!

You were never a Democrat to begin with.

You call yourself a "liberal"?

You are trying to destroy his presidency!

If we don't talk about it, the right-wing will never notice.

Every time you say he lied, the Baby Jeebus cries.

Just another day in Reality-Based Land...

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