Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Open Thread

I'm still having internet connection problems. It's been months now. Apparently, Shaw prefers to send out an endless stream of technicians who are only authorized to do one thing at a time. Now it seems they're finally going to replace the main line outside after another neighbour complained. Right. We'll see what that does.


Anyway, here's a bit of news to chew on (and it will probably be the only thing I'll be able to post in the 2 minutes of internet connection time I'm being granted a few times a day until they get this thing fixed):

Loonie closes above parity

The Canadian dollar closed above parity Friday for the first time in almost 31 years, as the U.S. greenback continued its dramatic fall against major world currencies.

According to Bank of Canada data, the loonie closed at $1.0052 US, up two-thirds of a cent from Thursday's close.

I'd sure like to know when Canadians are going to start seeing the benefits that reality should be bringing to the retail sector, especially since we've been over-charged for things like books and magazines for years.

What's on your mind? Got any news you'd like to share?

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